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2013-2014 Shore Based Courses available at FHYC. 
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. This shorebased course is being offered  over 2 weekends.

The 8th, 9th and 10thof November,then the weekend of the 23rd and 24th.

Price £335 (£275 FHYC Members)

RYA Day Skipper. This shorebased course is being offered over 2 weekends.

The11th, 12th, and 13th of October, then the weekend of 26th and 27th

Price £335 (£275 FHYC Members)

This allows the student to consolidate the information gained in the first weekend ready for the next.

Andy Dobson is the instructor. Both of these courses are run subject to minimum numbers.

RYA VHF/DSC.   Please register your interest

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.  Please register your interest

RYA First Aid at Sea.  Please register your interest

RYA Diesel Engine Course.     Eric Thresher is again your instructor for this course.

This course gives you necessary information to potentially repair most diesel engines

whilst at sea and basic maintenance. He needs at least 4 students minimum and 6 maximum.

Courses available up until the end of May. Price £80.00


If you are interested in any of the courses, please contact our Training Secretary, Christine Hooper,

07908 694756, or visit the website www.learnnavigation.co.uk or leave a reply below




8 thoughts on “RYA Courses

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your enquiry Phil, Have you done the Yachtmaster Offshore ? Leave it with me and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks

    2. admin Post author

      Hi Phil, at the moment we are only offering the Yachtmaster Day Skipper. If there is any interest in Yachtmaster Ocean we will publish ASAP. Thanks for your interest

  1. Alex wilson

    Hello Christine
    Could you please tell me of sailing courses available this year, i am a total novice but would like to learn to sail off-shore with the end product being the ability to sail in Greece on a shared yacht basis
    Kind Regards alex

  2. Deirdre Ward

    Hi Christine,

    Would any of your members be interested in the RYA Radar course on Saturday 6th December 2014 at Bay Sea School in Morecambe?
    Kind regards,

  3. Kevin

    I have recently (accidentally) bought a yacht. I have need of a Day Skipper Course (along with much else!)

    I had the boat transported from Bradwell-on-Sea to Fleetwood and would like to join your club and book a course. I will be up there on Sunday to pay my mooring fees at the office. Are you open on Sunday?

    Best regards,


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kevin. would love you to join our club. If you email Wil at “yachtclouds@gmail.com” he will be able to advise you. Wil is our Membership Secretary. Thanks again

  4. steven pickett

    hi i am looking to do a day skipper course and i am only available the whole of sept will u be doing any courses this month regards s.pickett


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