Racing programme for 2015


Spring series:              HW           height
Saturday 18th April     11.34          10m
Saturday 2nd May       1109BST    8.7m
Saturday 16th May      10:26BST   9.3m
Saturday 13th June      09:11BST   8.7m  MBSA1 Piel Race
Saturday & Sunday 20-21st June – REGATTA!

Autumn series:
Saturday 12th September   11:37BST   9.0m    MBSA2
Sunday   20th September   16:03BST   8.1m    Barts Bash
Saturday 3rd October         15:38BST   9.0m
Saturday 10th October       10:34BST   8.6m
Saturday 17th October       14:15BST   9.0m
Saturday 31st October       13:29         9.6m

For the Barts Bash and MBSA races the club will also present our own trophies.

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