Marina Berths

Fleetwood Marina consists of two halves. The first half is approached from the Dock Channel through the lock gates into the Marina itself (Marina 1). There are four sections (A,B,C,D) along with the fuel berth. The second half is the continuation of the fairway through a swing bridge and becomes the rest of the Marina with another three sections (D,E,F) (Marina 2). The swing bridge is opened on demand from a radio call on Channel 12 once opposite the old RoRo berth

In the interests of safety, please familiarise yourself with the egress points around your berth. In an emergency your nearest point of egress might be behind you !!!!!. There is always the boarding ladder/platform of neighbouring vessels to take advantage of. Look around your vicinity now before fate takes a part!!!!

Please see the layouts of the respective parts

Fleetwood Marina 1

Fleetwood Marina 2

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