Racing Calendar 2013

Our Sailing Captain, Jonathan, has put together this seasons racing dates. Here at FHYC we try to encourage as many people to try and participate in these events.

There are 2 Pre-season race weekends in April. These are aimed at giving crews who have little or no experience of racing a chance to try and see how they feel about it. We emphasise that the races that take place are meant to be enjoyed and crews must have FUN. All courses set are aimed at getting boats and crew back before the gates close at the Marina.

Getting involved in these races really does improve your boat handling skills. It is all too easy to go out of the Marina, turn left, sail an hour out and sail an hour back. These races are chosen to give a wide range of sailing challenges. From beats to broad reach to downwind sailing. Some of these races may include making use of the lock out facility. Locking out is quite a challenge when first attempted but as with anything, becomes second nature with experience. There is always help at hand.

The more boats that use the lock outs, the more chance ABP will keep manning them……..Use it or lose it!

Please click  below for the full timetable. Please be advised that the course set could be changed, shortened or even cancelled dependant on the weather conditions on the day.

FHYC 2013

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