Informal racing at FHYC for Spring 2014

This is an open invitation to anyone interested in being involved in FHYC races

Races to be held

29th March     HW 09:48 – 9.5m

17th May         HW 13:37 – 9.5m

14th June        HW 12:37 – 9.7m

28th June        HW 12:33 – 8.6m


4 thoughts on “Informal racing at FHYC for Spring 2014

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mike, unfortunately it means we can’t have lock ins or lock outs until at least the end of the works. Free flow is NOT affected, so the races will have to be within the 3 hour opening slot

  1. Wild Urchin

    Hi all, planning to race this Saturday, but could do with more crew if anyone knows someone who wants to play with Spinnakers!


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Colin, I will forward your request re crew to our Members and let you know if there are any responses. Many thanks


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