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MBSA Race 1

SATURDAY 4 June 16
HW Fleetwood 11:10 BST. Height 9:60m

Course “A” or “B” to be decided on the day.
Start Line for either Course is:-
A Line between Heysham No2 and Rib or other Committee Boat TBA VHF 72
Finishing Line for either Course is:-
Piel Buoy [P] in Transit with Flag Post at the top of the Jetty.
A Channel Course to be sailed from Barrow Sea 5 / Halfway Perch to the finish.

Starting Procedure:- Times from OOD.
Warning Signal – 10mins prior to start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD
Preparatory – 5mins prior to start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD
Start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD

Course “A”:
Start Line – Danger Patch [S] – Lune Deep [S] – Lightning Knoll [S] – Piel Buoy [P] finish.

Course “B”:
Start Line – Danger Patch [S] – Barrow Sea 5 [S] – Piel Buoy[P] finish..

Yachts are placed on trust of their intention to race rather than inform the Race Officer prior to the Start and to record their own finishing times by GPS if OOD boat not at Piel and report to the Committee Boat as soon as possible after the race with times and Club representing.
Race Officers/Committee Boats – TBA
General Requirements:-
1] MBSA yacht racing is undertaken in accordance with RYA guidelines and ISAF rules.
2] All participating yachts are asked to show their Club Burgee on the backstay or pushpit.
The safety of a yacht, all persons aboard, it’s handling and adequate insurance is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner/skipper at all times..
The establishment of these sailing instructions shall in no way transfer any responsibility to the MBSA or any of it’s Officers.

The presentation of Trophies will take place on Piel Island once results are known

Refreshments will be available but will not be provided by the MBSA.
Prior booking would be advised contacting Piel Bravo on VHF Ch. 8.

3rd race Spring Series

Race is on for this Saturday, as always please let me know if you are entering or want to or require crew. Forecast looks okay but it looks like rain later. Gates open early at about 10:10BST so briefing 9:45BST. I ask that the slower boats be ready to leave as the gates open so we can maximise race time, though the tide is 8.8m so we shouldn’t have the same foul tide challenges of the last race!
We will have full English or sausage/egg butties on offer before and after the race and the bar will also be open for post-race.
Can anyone with a smart phone install the app ‘raceqs’ as we can use it to overlay all the separate yacht tracks and replay the race in virtual 3D.

1st Race 2016

Course: No13/trial start , no6 port, Heysham no2 stbd, Lune no1 stbd, no6 port and back through the finish.
What a cracking turnout for race 1 with 15 boats entered and 13 finished with Bruin the victor(just!) on handicap. As always the most prepared (I think an experienced crew may be helpful as well) boats did best, clean bums win races! We had perfect weather with a sunny NW F3 building to a F4-5 with a sea state slight. Special credit and many thanks to all who plucked up the courage and entered for the first time and I think the leg from line no1 to no6 put a few out of their comfort zones!
Following a close encounter with No2 Jubilee gained a red go faster stripe. No one protested but in future I will apply a time penalty to upheld protests, and I may rename Heysham no2 to Jubilee in her honour.
I’ve recalculated the results using RaceQS finish times as a couple of boats used watches rather than GPS and were out by enough to make a placing difference. Results will be posted on the FHYC website in due course. Watching the race on RaceQS is really interesting and the race was won or lost on how close boats sailed on the no6 to Heysham no2 leg. The ones that needed the shortest tack to round no2 did best. Amoress was the only boat to lay Heysham no2 without a tack and it paid dividends. The lesson learned is make the tack earlier where the tide is weakest. Looking at the tracks Quest could well have been on the podium as from no6 he stormed through the fleet but once ahead of the main pack took a scenic detour toward Fairway, so one to watch in future races.

From my perspective I had a (lucky) brilliant start and hit the line at full speed and only 8 seconds late. It was then a battle with Amoress, but after no6 the superior boat and team/helm out pointed me and went on to lay No2. I was planning to tack at no6 but with Amoress breathing down my neck decided to keep going and was more bothered with a bit more speed than pointing high. As I closed on no2 I had to tack, and with just Georgie as crew struggled with the hard winching plus steering and my tacks were very slow and Amoress was then ahead. In hindsight I could have pinched hard from no6 and concentrated on rounding no2 without the need to tack. However I think Amoress would then have got overlap and may have forced a tack anyway.
No2 to Lune no1 was a relaxed goose wing, I adjusted the genoa cars forward but decided it wasn’t worth trying to put the pole out. Looking back at No2 I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Bruin put a tack in to round it and one by one everyone did to. Once I rounded Lune it all got rather exciting as the wind had now built and I was decidedly over canvased. Georgie did a sterling job dumping the main in the stronger gusts and I was definitely gaining on the distant Amoress,but he was still well ahead as he finished.

extract from Wil (Clouds)

Spring Series Race 1

Race is on for this Saturday. Forecast looks great with sun and a F3 building to F4 NW which is bound to change! Gates Open about 11:20BST so we will have a briefing from 10.50BST.
We will have Sausage/egg butties on offer before and after the race and the bar will also be open for post-race pontification. We have St Georges Day celebrations in the evening so we may stay open right through J hic!
Can anyone with a smart phone install the app ‘raceqs’ as we can use it to overlay all the separate yacht tracks and replay the race in virtual 3D- I think!
My initial thoughts on the first course is to keep it simple: 13/trial start , no6 port, Heysham no2 stbd, Lune no1 stbd, no6 port and back through the finish.
23rd April HW 12:52BST 9.2m
7th May HW11:16BST 10.2m
21st May HW 11:53BST 8.8m
11th June HW 16:42BST 8.0m
18th June HW 10:48BST 8.4m

Regatta: 25th HW 1517BST 8.7m
Regatta: 26th HW 1608BST 8.4m

Spring Racing 2016

Please advise if you are interested in entering the FHYC organised spring race series though I’d also appreciate negative responses. All boats are welcome (please pass this invite on), and If you need crew or would like crewing opportunities then let me know and I’ll be able to assist.
It is the usual format with a briefing in the clubhouse at 2 hours before HW. This year the bar will be open for a post-race pint and if we have demand some food. Also can anyone with a smart phone install the app ‘raceqs’ as we can use it to overlay all the separate yacht tracks and replay the race in virtual 3D- I think!
23rd April HW 12:52BST 9.2m
7th May HW11:16BST 10.2m
21st May HW 11:53BST 8.8m
11th June HW 16:42BST 8.0m
18th June HW 10:48BST 8.4m
Regatta: 25th HW 1517BST 8.7m
Regatta: 26th HW 1608BST 8.4m
P.S. I’m running a hall of fame for the fastest (adjusted for handicap) Fleetwood – Piel crossing it will be either direction between:
Walney : between the two metal perches at Hawes point
Fleetwood: Wyre light – No6 at Fleetwood.
I’m planning a sail over this weekend so will at least briefly have the best time! Ideally use Raceqs to track you router/times. I’ll probably be running MAIS so anyone using that App should be able to track Clouds progress.

Fitting Out Dinner

I’d like to thank everyone that turned out for the Fitting Out Supper on Saturday night. Over 40 members attended and helped make it a really enjoyable night. I’ve attached a few photos of the evening below. A raffle was held and members raised £56 for the RNLI.
The bar is now open Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm until late and a new menu will be announced very soon.
Don’t forget the first race of the season is on 23rd April; of course this is also St. Georges Day so we’re planning a theme night to celebrate the day as we English (sorry Mr. Jones) really should. More details to follow imminently but hope to see you there.
Good sailing,
Mark Lewis

AGM 2016 5th March 2016

Dear Club Member

I am writing to inform you that the AGM will be held on Saturday 5th March at 16:00 in the Clubhouse at Fleetwood Marina. The bar will be open from 15:30
Nominations are invited for the Offices of – Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and for the Committee.
Please complete the attached pro forma, duly proposed and seconded, and send it to me by email, home address or posted at the ClubhouseTuesday 1st March 2016 along with any items to be included in the Agenda. Nominees’ permission must be obtained before the proposal is submitted


1. Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of previous AGM held 7th March 2015
4. Commodore’s Report
5. Treasurer’s Report
6. Changes to the Constitution
7. Election of new Committee and Officers
8. Re-appointment of Auditor
9. Any other business
Yours sincerely

H J Hunter

Commodore FHYC

AGM Nomination form 2016.pdf

Please check the FHYC Calendar for all your up to date FHYC events

The main dates are

  1. AGM to be held at the Clubhouse 5th March at 16:00, bar will be open from 15:30
  2. Fitting Out Dinner to be held at the Three Lights on 2nd April 2016, this is so we can all meet at a local venue and retire to our boats for a night cap after. There is also the chance of a day sail and still make the evening event. HW is 06:02 and 18:48 ZT
  3. FHYC Regatta 25th and 26th June 2016, details will be posted nearer the time
  4. Laying Up Dinner to be held 15th October 2016 at a venue to be decided. If you have a specific restaurant in mind please speak to one of the Committee

Barrage across the River Wyre



Please read the following email thread re barage system on the River Wyre

Thanks very much Gary for your input, Please, if there any members who have an opinion, then please feel free to express your comments directly to Bob Long, or any comments can be discussed and forwarded

Dear Sir , as a keen amateur sailor that has kept a yacht in Fleetwood Harbour Marina for over 15 years I like many other users of the river are concerned for 2 main reasons of how the introduction of any obstruction in the river will affect the following.

a) Access times to and from Fleetwood Dock to the open sea.
b) How the effects of additional silting in the estuary, will affect the usable depth of water from Fleetwood Dock to Fleetwood Fairway Buoy.

As there been a decision made of where the proposed “barrage” will straddle the river ie. upstream or downstream of the Fleetwood Dock entrance channel.

Can you keep me up-to-date with any surveys and studies that I presume will have or have already taken place on these subjects.

I am sure you are aware that the recent Swansea Barrage project as been granted planning permission by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change only with a stipulation that there must be a “dredging mitigation and monitoring scheme” in place.

Finally can you give me reassurance that current depths and access times to Fleetwood Dock will be maintained to their current levels/times.

Gary Leatherbarrow


Good morning Gary,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the effort you have made in such a detailed response to our project.

Taking your points in order:-

1). a) – Access times in and out of Fleetwood dock should not change in duration, but will be delayed approximately one hour due to the time-lag of the water entering the river through the generating turbines.
When the useful head of water has diminished, sluices will ensure the full tidal hight will be achieved, and the time duration of “high-water” will also be extended a little.
b) – Silting is a current issue and not getting better with no dredging effort taking place by ABP. As the energy production is a direct function of volume of water, rest assured, we will not be able to tolerate the current levels of residual silt and our endeavours will be to remove substantial material from the river bed to facilitate a greater amount of volume, to increase the generation potential. This will be good news for boaters as the river will be navigable for greater distances at low water.
The barrage will be equipped with two lock-pits, one for commercial craft up to around 5000 tons, and smaller lock for pleasure craft. We do no envisage charges for use of the small lock. Locks are to be designed to allow passage at all states of tide.

2). The barrage will straddle the river between the ferry slipway and the RNLI station at Fleetwood. We are already in talks with RNLI to accommodate an improved facility for them, and remove necessity to have the most valuable asset swinging on a mooring in the river!

3). The River Wyre is a site of special environmental protections, including S.S.S.I. & Ramsar, and the project will be under constant scrutiny from these organisations, through the build process and beyond. Part of our initiative is to grow the eco-tourism component of this project and our management team welcomes the input of all environmental groups as we move this undertaking forward.

4). Current access times should not be reduced by the presence of a barrage, in fact, the boating experience should generally be helped by the project and early engagement with us will allow ample opportunity for any special needs to be considered.

We are a locally managed company and our first objective is to increase the recreational experience of the Wyre, and the boost to the local economy that projects like this usually bring.
Our total investment is to be in excess of £300million and the anticipated economic uplift should be capable of significant change in the fortunes of local enterprise.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to request a formal presentation to yourself and fellow users of the river and its facilities.


Bob Long.
Bob Long M.Sc (Eng) M.Inst.R | Managing Director
M: 07793 274 189 E:

Laying Up Dinner 2015

Laying Up Dinner 2015

This years Laying Up Dinner is to be held at the North Euston Hotel on Saturday 17th October. Pre dinner drinks will be from 19:00 onwards

Menu to follow, This event is open to all Members and their guests. This event also includes the annual Awards and Prize giving ceremony. There are rooms available if anyone decides they would like to stay for the night, however, rooms are limited and should be reserved ASAP.

This is the Commodores last formal event of his 3 year tenure and would be a great way to celebrate.

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