Social Calendar 2019

The clubhouse is currently open on Fridays and Saturday from around 19:00, food (when available) and discounted drinks at the bar.

There are special events currently arranged for the dates blow, more may be added in time.(“≈” means approximately)

  • July

  • 20th​​ July (HW = 8.6m @ 14:18)
    RNLI sail by weekend – 160
    th​​ Fleetwood anniversary event

  • Sailpast to start from the marina approx. 13:00

  • August 31st (HW​​ 10.m@12:37) – wine tasting evening (hosted by Chris Rodwell from the Bacchus Wine Society)

    • £11 per person, for a selection of wines presented by Chris, who will introduce, and tell us a little about each wine, during the course of the evening.

    • Suggested donation of £1 per head to the club.

    • Members to bring their own food to form a Jacobs join arrangement, food should be selected to complement and go alongside the wines being presented, suggestions would be, bread, cheese, biscuits, pate’, olives, sliced meats, grapes etc.​​ 

    • Each person will need approx. 6 wine glasses. (the club will be able to help provide some depending on how many attendees there are)

    • The bar will be open after the event if requested by members.

    • This event is open for members and guests (over the age of 18 only).

    • BOOKING IS IMPERETIVE FOR THIS EVENT SO CHRIS CAN ENSURE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF WINE FOR THE EVENT​​ – to book a place please email​​ secretary@fhyc.co.uk​​ or send an SMS with your name and amount of places you would like.

  • September- TBC

  • October

    • 19th (HW=8.6@14:01)​​ 
      Laying up Supper

    • 26th (HW=9.4@09:26)
      AGM 2019

  • November - TBC

  • December - TBC

    • ≈December ​​ Sat 8th – Christmas dinner

    • ≈December Sat 15th ​​ – RNLI Ball


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