Berth Holders Meeting

I had an informal chat with the new Harbour Master, Guy Lockwood, on Tuesday 26th March. The aim of the meeting was to arrange a convenient time to hold this year’s meeting. Ideally I would like to have had the meeting on a Sunday to allow as many members as possible to attend. However, unlike Neil Atkinson our previous Harbour Master who lived in Fleetwood, Guy lives in Barrow and is not available on a Sunday. The only appropriate day for the meeting is a Tuesday. We have therefore decided that the next Berth Holders Meeting will take place on Tuesday 30th April 2013 at 19:00 in the Clubhouse. If there are any concerns regarding the Marina(ABP) and its organisation I would urge you strongly to voice your opinion now. As the saying goes……..speak now or forever hold your peace. Please, if you are available, attend this event and show your support for FHYC

As usual with any large organisation any questions that come through from the floor on the night might have to be authorised/sanctioned from the powers that be above Guy. I would therefore be grateful if you could email or contact me at least a week before so that we can allow ABP adequate time to give a positive response

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