Berth Holder’s Meeting-summary

We had a very successful meeting of berth holder’s at the clubhouse on Tuesday night, 30th April 2013. This was well attended with owners of more than 15 vessels berthed in Fleetwood Marina. The ABP representatives were Guy Lockwood (Harbour Master) and Peter Smith (Berthing Master). Chairing the meeting was the Commodore, Howard Hunter, and assisted by Vice Commodore, Brian Croston. The meeting encompassed a broad range of questions from litter in the Marina to the longevity of keeping the dock channel open and free from silting. The vast majority of these questions were answered in a logical and sympathetic way and the audience appreciated the views and actions that Guy has said he will endeavor to fulfil. As usual there were some points raised that were not within Guy’s control and he has promised to look into them and report back with answers. The meeting finished about 20:40 and quite a few members retired to the bar. The full account will be available in the next edition of the club magazine….Three Degrees West

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