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MBSA Race 1

SATURDAY 4 June 16
HW Fleetwood 11:10 BST. Height 9:60m

Course “A” or “B” to be decided on the day.
Start Line for either Course is:-
A Line between Heysham No2 and Rib or other Committee Boat TBA VHF 72
Finishing Line for either Course is:-
Piel Buoy [P] in Transit with Flag Post at the top of the Jetty.
A Channel Course to be sailed from Barrow Sea 5 / Halfway Perch to the finish.

Starting Procedure:- Times from OOD.
Warning Signal – 10mins prior to start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD
Preparatory – 5mins prior to start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD
Start –VHF Ch 72 & OOD

Course “A”:
Start Line – Danger Patch [S] – Lune Deep [S] – Lightning Knoll [S] – Piel Buoy [P] finish.

Course “B”:
Start Line – Danger Patch [S] – Barrow Sea 5 [S] – Piel Buoy[P] finish..

Yachts are placed on trust of their intention to race rather than inform the Race Officer prior to the Start and to record their own finishing times by GPS if OOD boat not at Piel and report to the Committee Boat as soon as possible after the race with times and Club representing.
Race Officers/Committee Boats – TBA
General Requirements:-
1] MBSA yacht racing is undertaken in accordance with RYA guidelines and ISAF rules.
2] All participating yachts are asked to show their Club Burgee on the backstay or pushpit.
The safety of a yacht, all persons aboard, it’s handling and adequate insurance is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner/skipper at all times..
The establishment of these sailing instructions shall in no way transfer any responsibility to the MBSA or any of it’s Officers.

The presentation of Trophies will take place on Piel Island once results are known

Refreshments will be available but will not be provided by the MBSA.
Prior booking would be advised contacting Piel Bravo on VHF Ch. 8.

3rd race Spring Series

Race is on for this Saturday, as always please let me know if you are entering or want to or require crew. Forecast looks okay but it looks like rain later. Gates open early at about 10:10BST so briefing 9:45BST. I ask that the slower boats be ready to leave as the gates open so we can maximise race time, though the tide is 8.8m so we shouldn’t have the same foul tide challenges of the last race!
We will have full English or sausage/egg butties on offer before and after the race and the bar will also be open for post-race.
Can anyone with a smart phone install the app ‘raceqs’ as we can use it to overlay all the separate yacht tracks and replay the race in virtual 3D.

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