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Barrage across the River Wyre



Please read the following email thread re barage system on the River Wyre

Thanks very much Gary for your input, Please, if there any members who have an opinion, then please feel free to express your comments directly to Bob Long, or any comments can be discussed and forwarded

Dear Sir , as a keen amateur sailor that has kept a yacht in Fleetwood Harbour Marina for over 15 years I like many other users of the river are concerned for 2 main reasons of how the introduction of any obstruction in the river will affect the following.

a) Access times to and from Fleetwood Dock to the open sea.
b) How the effects of additional silting in the estuary, will affect the usable depth of water from Fleetwood Dock to Fleetwood Fairway Buoy.

As there been a decision made of where the proposed “barrage” will straddle the river ie. upstream or downstream of the Fleetwood Dock entrance channel.

Can you keep me up-to-date with any surveys and studies that I presume will have or have already taken place on these subjects.

I am sure you are aware that the recent Swansea Barrage project as been granted planning permission by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change only with a stipulation that there must be a “dredging mitigation and monitoring scheme” in place.

Finally can you give me reassurance that current depths and access times to Fleetwood Dock will be maintained to their current levels/times.

Gary Leatherbarrow


Good morning Gary,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the effort you have made in such a detailed response to our project.

Taking your points in order:-

1). a) – Access times in and out of Fleetwood dock should not change in duration, but will be delayed approximately one hour due to the time-lag of the water entering the river through the generating turbines.
When the useful head of water has diminished, sluices will ensure the full tidal hight will be achieved, and the time duration of “high-water” will also be extended a little.
b) – Silting is a current issue and not getting better with no dredging effort taking place by ABP. As the energy production is a direct function of volume of water, rest assured, we will not be able to tolerate the current levels of residual silt and our endeavours will be to remove substantial material from the river bed to facilitate a greater amount of volume, to increase the generation potential. This will be good news for boaters as the river will be navigable for greater distances at low water.
The barrage will be equipped with two lock-pits, one for commercial craft up to around 5000 tons, and smaller lock for pleasure craft. We do no envisage charges for use of the small lock. Locks are to be designed to allow passage at all states of tide.

2). The barrage will straddle the river between the ferry slipway and the RNLI station at Fleetwood. We are already in talks with RNLI to accommodate an improved facility for them, and remove necessity to have the most valuable asset swinging on a mooring in the river!

3). The River Wyre is a site of special environmental protections, including S.S.S.I. & Ramsar, and the project will be under constant scrutiny from these organisations, through the build process and beyond. Part of our initiative is to grow the eco-tourism component of this project and our management team welcomes the input of all environmental groups as we move this undertaking forward.

4). Current access times should not be reduced by the presence of a barrage, in fact, the boating experience should generally be helped by the project and early engagement with us will allow ample opportunity for any special needs to be considered.

We are a locally managed company and our first objective is to increase the recreational experience of the Wyre, and the boost to the local economy that projects like this usually bring.
Our total investment is to be in excess of £300million and the anticipated economic uplift should be capable of significant change in the fortunes of local enterprise.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to request a formal presentation to yourself and fellow users of the river and its facilities.


Bob Long.
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