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Could I ask for names and numbers of members/friends who wish to take the RYA VHF SRC Radio course this year. At the moment it is a 1 day course, as of 2nd January 2014 it a 2 day course with a large increase in tuition fees. The course should be able to run in December this year.
 “Due to European Regulations (Cept) the RYA will be changing the way the course is delivered in 2014 as they have to separate the Training from the examination, this means the Classroom theory and practical course will be a 10 hour duration spread over Two days instead of a 8 hour run over 1 day at present


RYA Yachtmaster Ocean

Andy (Dobson) from Atlas is offering an  Ocean Yachtmaster course sometime in February 2014.  This is an excellent course and very interesting. It is perfect for those who have a passion for sailing and navigation. It is not just about finding position from stars and planets, it covers weather,passage planning, watch keeping and more.
Please reply if you are interested or know anyone who is interested.

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