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Forum section now open…….

The forum section is now on line. If you would like to contribute or reply to an existing post, then please register. A password will be generated and you will be able to logon. The password can be changed to a more memorable one once registered. Please make use of this facility for anything associated with FHYC, or sailing in general

Clubhouse opening times

The clubhouse is at the moment closed on Friday nights. We are really sorry for the inconvenience that this causes our members. We hope to re-open April with the usual Friday night get together over a pint (or two !!).  If there is anybody in the membership who wants to offer an hour or two of their time to “man the bar”, then please let me know

See you all soon

Berth Holders Meeting with ABP

We are hoping to hold a Berth holder’s Meeting at the begining of April with ABP. Neil Atkinson, the current Harbour Master,  is leaving his post to become Head of the Nautical College in Fleetwood. His successor will take over from the 1st March. We think it only fair that the new Harbour Master has at least a month in the job to become acquainted with his role within ABP and to us, the leisure arm of the Marina. I have already had preliminary meetings with ABP regarding future Berth Holder’s Meetings and they are still very receptive to our views. PLEASE, if there any views/concerns that you have regarding your vessel or the Marina then please leave a comment below, or post a note at the clubhouse letterbox. The meeting will take place at the FHYC Cluhouse. The points must be submitted 7 days prior to the meeting. The date will be displayed once confirmed. Hopefully it will be around the first/second week in April

Thank you

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